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Books Checking Grades Online

Students in grades 6th through 8th and their family have the opportunity to monitor and check grades online through PowerSchool. As assignments are graded, scores are posted to display each child's individual progress. However, due to the number of assignments and students, grades are not typically inputted daily. Checking grades online at the end of a trimester is not conducive to improving student grades because returned assignments weeks or months late may not be accepted or eligible for full credit. Weekly checks of PowerSchool can be helpful for any student or family to help continuously monitor progress. If a family is ever concerned about a child's progress over the course of the trimester, please contact the teacher to discuss details about the class. Do not wait until the end of a may be too late.

Directions to Check Grades on PowerSchool:

  1. Go to: Chet F. Harritt webpage:
  2. Go to: Parent Resources tab on top
  3. Select PowerGrade/PowerSchool
  4. Input the ID and Password (note: Parent ID and Password can be personalized and parents can set up an account so that PowerSchool will email a child's grades).
  5. When the course grades appear, you can hover the mouse over a grade and click- this will give you a listing of assignments and accompanying scores.
  6. "T" refers to scholarship grades (tests, homework, etc.), "E" refers to effort, "C" refers to citizenship.