Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year.  My name is Mr. Doane and I am excited to be your Language Arts, World History, and P.E. teacher this year!  We are going to have a fun and successful year focused on academic and social growth!

What will we be learning?

This year in language arts we will be focusing on reading with a purpose, citing textual evidence through the claim, evidence, and reasoning strategy, and putting an emphasis on writing with a purpose.  We will be using Amplify for language arts, which is our on-line curriculum.  There will be novel studies, hands-on projects, and group activities to guide the learning in language arts this year!  I am really excited for the new year and look forward to seeing all the academic and social growth throughout the year!

Here is my contact information:

Mr. Doane Room 28 Middle School Building

email: [email protected]


Google Classroom codes:

Mrs. Gunter's Homeroom 7A (Period 5)Language Arts: nqhfnpi

Mrs. Gunter's Homeroom 7A (Period 3)World History: 23r4sxf

Mr. Doane's Homeroom 7B (Period 1)Language Arts: ozzsegm

Mr. Doane's Homeroom 7B (Period 2)World History: 2ukd5of

Mr. Doane and Mrs. Gunter 7A/B (Period 4) Physical Education: bvxwolv


Please do not hesitate to reach out and contact me for any reason, concern, or clarification.


Mr. Doane


Supplies needed:

Wired headphones/earbuds. (No wireless headphones or earbuds)

Package of colored pencils

Package of markers

3 Spiraled 70 Sheet notebooks


Pens-Blue or Black

Highlighters 3 to 4 in any color