8th Grade Promotion

8th Grade Promotion General Information

We are excited for our Eighth Graders to promote each year.  Chet F. Harritt is  providing the following general information so that it may be used to assist your family in planning for these special events.

PROMOTION EXERCISES are June 12 for 2024.

The promotion exercises will begin at 8:30 a.m. at Big Rock Park, directly across from the school. There will be seating for approximately 175 guests. The promotion ceremony is expected to last one hour. Parking will be tight so please plan ahead and consider street parking or walking. Mesa Road has easy access to the venue.

DRESS ATTIRE While the day's activities are "dress," they are not formal. Formal attire would be out of place at an eighth grade promotion. This is not a high school formal or semi-formal event, instead, a nice dress event.  The Santee School District Dress Code must be followed at the event. In the interest of the eighth grade students, the following recommendations have been adopted as appropriate attire for the day's activities:

BOYS: Dress pants, dress shirt, tie (optional), coat/jacket (optional)

Well-groomed hair (no hats or caps)

Tuxedo rentals are inappropriate.

GIRLS: Dress nicely: slacks, skirts, knee-length dresses.


 No flip-flops allowed (dressy sandals with straps on back are ok)

If you have any questions, please ask!

It is expected that these standards will be met by each student so that he or she will feel comfortable participating in these activities and abide by the guidelines set forth in our school handbook. Upon completion of the promotion ceremony, students may be signed out by their parents.

DISNEYLAND As part of the promotion privileges, students who are deemed eligible are invited to participate in an eighth grade fieldtrip to Disneyland. The event price will include a charter bus and admission cost.

ELIGIBILITY As per the Santee School District Board of Education promotion policy, students must maintain a 2.00 grade point average in all three areas: scholarship, effort, and citizenship, in order to participate in the above mentioned promotion activities and privileges. Also, a student receiving more than two out of school suspensions will be ineligible from participation in the excursion activities. If a student is ineligible, families have been notified and will have communication from the school for grade monitoring. 

FUNDRAISING To assist with the multiple costs, fundraisers have or will be available to help offset the final totals. We offer fundraisers to our fourth through eighth grade students to cover the costs of sixth grade camp as well as the eighth grade excursion activity. (Disneyland)