Word Family Lists

Here are some basic word families to practice reading in 'chunks'
How many can you add to the list?

Game to play to help practice... matching game, choose two different patterns, write one word on each card,
turn cards over, when your card rhymes, you keep the match)

/at/   cat mat rat bat sat

/ip/   sip tip nip rip lip

/un/   sun fun run tun bun bun

/ock/   rock sock lock mock dock

/ed/   ed fed led sled sped

/ill/   pill fill bill will chill

/ump/   jump dump stump plump grump

/ash/   mash flash crash trash splash

/ent/   sent dent went vent spent

/unk/   junk bunk skunk chunk trunk

/ink/   pink link rink clink stink

/all/   ball call fall small stall

/ing/   sing ring thing cling bring

/ch/ /sh/   chin chop chest shut shell

/ay/   day stay clay tray spray

/a_e/   flame shake plate blade crane

/i_e/   line drive twine slime write

/o_e/   drove choke stole home broke