Special Services

Special Services

Due to circumstances beyond our control, some voicemails may not be set up correctly. Please use email or call the Office and leave a message at 619-258-4800, and we will route the message directly to the classroom teacher. Thank you for your understanding.

Beth Treglio

 Kristopher (KJ) Hoyt

Lori Zurmuhle

 Language Arts Specialist  Specialized Academic Instructor (Resource) Specialized Academic Instructor (Resource)

Room 13

(619) 258-4830

[email protected]

Room 19

(619) 258-4838

[email protected] 

MPR Conference Room

(619) 258-4835

[email protected]


 Kalen Jennings

Cynthia (Morales) Kelly

Stacie Bartfeld

 Specialized Academic Instructor (SDC) Specialized Academic Instructor (SDC)  Speech & Language Pathologist

Room 17

(619) 258-4840

Room 18

(619) 258-4841

Workroom G

(619) 258-4856

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


Joey Sutera Courtney McLean-Simma 

Courtney Breslow

Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)  Counselor ERMHS Social Worker

 Room 8

(619) 258-4844

[email protected]

 Workroom L

(619) 258-4891

[email protected]


 Workroom C

(619) 258-4859

[email protected]

 Danielle Tackett


 School Psychologist


Workroom M

(619) 258-4892

[email protected]