Sight Words to Know

These are the first 70 of the most "100 common" high frequency words.

Here's a familiar game to help practice:
"Go fish"... choose 10 words at a time, write words two times (so you have two sets of words), put words in a deck, and pass out 4 words to hold in your hand, then play... "Do you have the word "like"? If yes, give that card, if no, say "go fish" then pull from deck.

like here and for have the
you do said did he
play are she by went
that make all from had
this was but with an
your out come when his
long of very know made
look they so us called
get big going how saw
what little got him some
over put after one as
its too words about there
them has many where because
into today back more then