Writing Genres

Writing Genres

First Trimester Writing Genre - Summary, Personal Narrative, Narrative Story

Second Trimester Writing Genre - Expository Writing - nonfiction (research report, summary, biographies, etc.)

Third Trimester Writing Genre - Persuasive

Reading Responses - each week students are to write two responses about the book(s) they are reading independently at home. They have five choices for what they may write with directions on their log. The paragraph should be 6-10 sentences in length. With a topic sentence, support sentences (4+ sentences), and a concluding sentence. Below are the two types we have covered so far.


The first two chapters in The Cay are about a boy and his family that are living on an island called Curacao during World War II. In the middle of the night, a neighboring island, Aruba, was attacked by German submarines. They attacked the oil refinery and blew up oil tankers in the bay. Phillip, the main character, and his friends are curious yet the adults are nervous and serious about the attack. Phillip's dad, an oil expert, and Phillip's mother disagree on what to do now. His father wants the family to stay together, but the mom wants to go back to Virginia. Mom wins and Phillip and his mom prepare to leave on a boat. Disappointed, Phillip leaves while his dad seems worried. I wonder if they will be safe.

9/13/19 Reading Response for the Cay - Evaluation

In chapter 6, Timothy spots an island, and Phillip gets so excited he falls off the raft. After Timothy rescues Phillip, they discuss whether or not to land on the island. Timothy wants to and Phillip does not. I agree with Timothy because first, I think he has more experience. In addition, I think if they are on the island it will be easier to build a fire and possibly make tools out of rocks or sticks. It also seems safer to sleep and maybe build a shelter on the island. I'm curious to see how their survival will go on the island.

9/19/19 Reading Response for The Cay - Predict and Infer

At the end of chapter 11, Timothy thinks their luck will change after he left Stew Cat on the raft for awhile. However, Phillip says "But it didn't change. It got worse." I predict that Timothy might get sick or die because Phillip asked Timothy a couple of times how old he was, and each time he answers with an older age. Often older people can get sick and die from their illnesses. Because Phillip needs Timothy to survive, I think Phillip is worried about what might happen to him if something terrible happens to Timothy. Another clue is Timothy keeps trying to teach Phillip new skills. One reason might be to prepare Phillip in case something tragic happens. I'm curious and a bit anxious about what will happen.

9/30/19 Reading Response for The Cay - Question


In chapter 15 of The Cay , Timothy dies after the hurricane passes. Phillip sits next to Timothy for a long time. Finally, Stew Cat finds him and Phillip cries. He feels alone and forgotten. I wonder what happened to the raft. If it's gone, will someone find it and search for the owner? How will he build another shelter, a fire, and a help signal? Will he only be able to eat fish? How will Timothy's survival lessons work for Phillip? Will Phillip keep his confidence after Timothy is no longer their to guide him? I wonder if Phillip and Stew Cat will survive and be rescued.

Reading Response - Evaluation

I read the folktale "Hungbu and Nolbu." It is about two brothers one poor and kind, the other rich and mean. A swallow enters their lives and changes the way the two boys see each other. The swallow is my favorite character because it is small yet powerful. It has the power to bring a magical seed to each brother. Hungbu receives a seed that grows into gourds, one filled with rice and another filled with gold. The seed was given because Hungbu saved the swallow's life and helped heal an injured leg. On the other hand, Nolbu receives a seed that grows into destruction because he injured the bird's leg purposely for greed, to try and get the same riches. Hungbu in the end helps his brother and together they use both their talents as a team to have a good life.

Reading Response - Summary

Yesterday I read the book The Raft. The main idea of the book was that a boy named Nicky had to stay at his grandmother's house for the summer, and he's not happy about it. He thinks he will be bored because she lives in the woods and doesn't even have a TV. A few days go by, Nicky is sitting by the river near his grandmother's house and a raft appears. He uses the raft to explore the river. Many animals are attracted to the raft, so Nicky begins to draw on a sketchpad all the animals he encounters. On his last day, Nicky rescues a fawn and reunites it with its mother. This inspires him to paint a picture of the fawn on the raft along with the many others already painted from years past. Nicky ends up loving his adventures at his Grandmother's house in the woods.

Reading Response - Predict and Infer

In the story "One Hen" the main character, Kojo, and his mom get a small loan from the people in their village. Kojo's mom buys a cart to carry more wood to market and to rent to others. Kojo used the few leftover coins to buy one hen. He wants to sell the eggs. I predict Kojo is going to create his own farm. I think this because in the middle of the story he already saved money and bought 25 hens. Now he has enough money to go back to school. At school he'll probably learn more about farming and growing his business. I hope Kojo becomes even more successful.

Reading Response - Question

The article "Fantasy Becomes Fact" is about an author named Arthur C. Clarke who wrote science fiction novels about futuristic inventions and how life might be different in the future. Interestingly, many of his ideas actually became reality like talking computers and space stations. As I read, I was thinking about what were Arthur's inventions based on? Also, how many inventions did Arthur envision? Is Alexa similar to HAL? Finally, are any of Arthur's ideas still being worked on today? I found this article to be pretty cool, and it made me wonder about what other inventions might be in my future.